Review by Michael Browning – Feb 11, 2018.  

As we free-camp and National Park a lot with our caravan and travel with tempting ‘portables’ like our generator, portable BBQ, lithium battery-powered chainsaw and portable fridge-freezer, I worry about these things when I leave them out while away from camp and I also wonder if our caravan itself will be there when we return.

Unfortunately, the advent of lithium battery-powered portable grinders means most locks, whether securing you van, camper or accessories, are less secure than in the old bolt-cutter days.

True, any lock is a deterrent to an honest thief, who hopefully will move on to the next, easier target, but add a built-in, attention-grabbing 120db alarm system and it’s going to take a pretty persistent or hearing impaired person to carry on nicking your stuff.

That’s the theory behind the range of Kovix alarmed locks that come in different forms to secure caravans, campers, boat trailers and other camping items such as generators, chain saws, portable fridges and BBQs.

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