Personal watercraft continue to prove attractive not only to water sports and boating enthusiasts…but also to thieves who would just as soon steal your fun.

The increasing popularity of Jet skis and PWC and their ease of transport make them a tempting target for thieves, resulting in a definite rise in theft over the recent years. They are now lighter than ever and more accessible, with people storing them on trailers and docks, and the crims are getting much more brazen.

It is more important today, than ever before to be vigilant and do everything we can to prevent our possessions from being stolen.

We have put together a few anti-theft tips to help you keep your PWC secure.

  • Take pictures of the engine compartment, Hull Identification Number (HIN), PWC trailer and any unique identifying features of your PWC.
  • Record the rego on both the PWC and Trailer as well as the trailers details i.e. year/make/model.
  • Keeping your jet ski in a secure indoor environment will ensure its security. Securing it a garage or shed will make it a less attractive option for thieves rather than it being stored on the drive.
  • Invest in a heavy-duty Stainless-Steel Trailer Lock as the basic trailer locks do not provide much resistance against motivated criminals. The Kovix Alarmed  U Shape Lock is perfect, as not only it is made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel, it also features a built in 120db motion sensor alarm that is sure to scare off even the most determined thief.
  • When out on the water and you must leave you PWC docked overnight or just for a few hours, always chain it to the dock or some immovable object. The Kovix Alarmed Padlock used in conjunction with the Braided Steel Cable will do just the job. It is also a good idea to use a cable and padlock to secure the PWC to the trailer when not in the water just for that added layer of security.
  • Get a Hitch Pin Lock – Locking the hitch pin provides that extra security for locked trailers while parking at boat ramps or unsecure parking areas. Unlike others on the market the Kovix Hitch Pin Lock fits perpendicular to the pin, making it easier to access and use. The push button locking mechanism allows you to lock it without the key, making it very easy to use.
  • Install a theft-alert tracking device, that way you’ll know exactly where your PWC is and make it that much easier to get back.
  • Mark your territory! Engrave a unique identifying number in several places including the trailer. Police often suggest using your drivers’ license number along with the state abbreviation.

Do everything possible to make stealing your PWC a MAJOR hassle for a thief. If it requires too much work, causes too much noise or draws unwarranted public attention, they will move on to easier prey.

You don’t have to make your PWC’s theft-proof, just a little bit harder to steal than the ones next door!