Caravans are a common sight on the roads in Australia, as our love for caravanning continues to grow….so too it seems does the number of thieves out there who wish to steal them.

According to recent reports, (, caravan theft is a significant and growing problem, with caravans being a prime target for thieves. It is estimated that between 400-600 caravans are reported stolen each year in Australia, representing a major inconvenience to their owners.

Beyond the statistics though, every one of these thefts has a devastating effect on the lives of everyday people seeking to live their dreams. The implications are not only financial but very emotional for caravan owners.

Opportunistic criminals are making the most of easy access to caravans, whether it be whilst travelling and staying in caravan parks or while parked at home. Travellers need to be just as security conscience on the road as they would be in their own homes.

Caravan owners are urged to take simple security measures that will hopefully deter offenders from stealing. Apart from practicing some common sense by making sure all doors and windows lock firmly and not leaving valuables visible inside etc…. it is beneficial to use a visual deterrent also.

There are many different devices available that will help secure your caravan and one of the best out there is the Kovix KTR 18 Alarmed Trailer Lock.

The Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock provides the ultimate security for your caravan. The Kovix KTR-18 is built from high grade 304 Stainless Steel and has the added benefit of a 120db motion sensor alarm. This unique Alarmed Lock is as versatile as it is tough.

The Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock fits onto the hitch and is suitable with most couplings. Apart from the audible 120db alarm system, other unique features of this lock include: Long-life 3V lithium battery, 18mm stainless steel pin with anti-cutting sleeve, weatherproof electronics, removable ball to fit DO35 and other hitches and on and off alarm modes.

As we all know, we will never fully stop the thieves, however in the unfortunate event that your caravan is stolen, apart from reporting it to the Police and your Insurer, it is a good idea to register it on the Stolen Caravan Database.

Registering your caravan with its specifications, photos and details on a web registry such as is really helpful. The registry helps spread the word on your lost caravan among the public, fellow caravanners and travellers. It’s simple, easy and free to use, and designed to give you that extra action and exposure to hopefully get your beloved caravan back to you as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, security boils down to common sense. Talk to your neighbours and ask them to keep an eye on your parked caravan and when on the road, stay mindful about where you park or stay overnight and make simple efforts to enhance deterrence, as preparation and precaution are the key to staying ahead of caravan thieves.