Take security to the next level with the Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock

Words by Richard – Sydney

After having my bike stolen from outside my work in the city, I was keen to try something different, other than my standard bike chain. A friend mentioned the Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock….at least this would give me peace of mind and ensure no-one would be moving my bike, especially without someone knowing about it!

The Kovix disc lock is just like a regular disc lock, it’s quite small – it can easily fit into your backpack or jacket pocket and is easy really easy to use.

The unique thing about this lock is the 120dB alarm that is activated by any movement.

For any would-be thief the 120dB alarm ensures anyone nearby knows exactly what is going on if your bike is moved, ensuring they don’t get the opportunity to stuff around without attracting attention to themselves in the process.

If you are ever worried about the bike being knocked unintentionally when locked up, you can easily disable the alarm by pressing the key down twice, prior to locking it onto the bike.

It has a long-life lithium CR2 battery lasting approx. 10 months, that can be easily replaced and the lock will even beep when it’s getting low to warn you that it’s time for a new battery.

The lock itself waits five seconds after being locked to arm and will then beep to let you know that it is armed, and five seconds after this if moved will commence the 10 seconds of beeping, followed by the 120dB alarm.

Built from solid marine grade stainless steel, this is a tough versatile little lock, that can be used along with a cable to secure your bike to racks, posts or anything grounded when out and about.